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JavaScript Newsletter: 11th November 2020

JavaScript Newsletter: 11th November 2020

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·Nov 11, 2020·

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Todays newsletter starts with an interesting article on how to build and publish your very own NPM package. The next two articles focus in on some of the more technical aspects of JavaScript, that will help make you a better developer. The first is a discussion on the difference between the global object in the browser vs. Node, and the second explains what the call stack in JavaScript is.

Quote of the Day

"Code is like humor. When you have to explain it, it’s bad." - Cory House

Todays Articles

Build and Publish your First NPM package

By Jay Desai

This focus of this article is to build and publish a simple npm package in a few simple steps. We would be creating two validation functions which validate whether the URL provided as a parameter is a valid website URL or not. Our second function will validate whether the email is a valid email or not.

How is the global object in Node.js different from the window object in the browser?

By James Bubb

The global object in Node.js often gets compared to the window object in the browser but they're not quite the same. First, let's understand what the window object is before comparing it to the global object.

Demystifying the JavaScript call stack

By Johnson Ogwuru

JavaScript is a single-threaded, single concurrent language, meaning it can handle one task at a time or a piece of code at a time. It has a single call stack, which along with other parts constitutes the Javascript Concurrency Model (implemented inside of V8). This article would be focusing on explaining what the call stack is, and why it's important and needed by JavaScript.

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