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JavaScript Newsletter: 13th December 2020

JavaScript Newsletter: 13th December 2020

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·Dec 13, 2020·

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Here are the best JavaScript posts from this week.

This Weeks Articles

Explained - The Difference Between Var, Let and Const in JavaScript

By Alexander Joshua

A lot of shiny new features came with the introduction of ES2015 (ES6). One of the features is the addition of let and const which is also used for variable declaration. How are they different from our good old friend var.

What the heck are Higher Order Functions, Callbacks and Closure in JavaScript?

By Megha Pathak

Higher Order Functions, Callbacks and Closure are the topics that overwhelm and confuses every budding JavaScript Developer. But at the same time these three are most esoteric of JavaScript concepts. In this article I have tried to explain Higher Order Functions, Callbacks and Closure in the simplest language.

What are Page visibility and full-screen mode WEB API?

By Rahul

Hey, learners and beginners here are my latest post, where we gonna learn about the Page visibility and Full-Screen Mode WEB API. PageVisibility API is used for detecting the visibility of the page. The document object provides properties and event listeners to detect the page visibility. This API is useful for: Handling auto pause & play of video or animations, Avoid playing distracting sounds when a user is not focused on the tab, Stop polling or refreshing data on the page when not visible, Switch image in carousel only when a page is visible

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