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JavaScript Newsletter: 18th November 2020

JavaScript Newsletter: 18th November 2020

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Dev Beans
·Nov 18, 2020·

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Todays articles are packed full of great resources for JavaScript developers. We start first with a comprehensive list of resources to help improve your skills, followed by an article on best practices. Finally, we have a great introduction to the Gatsby framework, which was also featured on Hashnode recently.

Quote of the Day

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” - Martin Fowler

Todays Articles

The ultimate and free JavaScript resources

By Rahul

Are you thriving to learn JavaScript? Do you want to learn again in a very interactive way? So, here is my latest blog post I will be giving you guys some free resources that will contain books, websites, courses, YouTube channels, and GitHub repos.

By Hrithwik Bharadwaj

It's been a few months since I have started programming in JavaScript and these are some of the practises I and several other senior developers follow.

The Great Gatsby Introduction

By Alyssa Holland

This is the first article in my new "Getting Started with Gatsby" series. This post will provide a gentle introduction to Gatsby. By the end of this series, you will learn how to deploy a Gatsby site using Netlify.

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