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JavaScript Newsletter: 20th November 2020

JavaScript Newsletter: 20th November 2020

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·Nov 20, 2020·

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Today's newsletter is all about Git! If you have been developing for any amount of time, you'll probably have heard about Git. And if you haven't yet, you sure will! Git is a version control system that allows teams and individuals to keep track of changes and work collaboratively on projects. It's an essential skill to have as a developer, so hopefully these articles will set you on the right track.

Quote of the Day

"It is easy to shoot your foot off with git, but also easy to revert to a previous foot and merge it with your current leg." - Jack William Bell

Todays Articles

Start using Git like the pros - A hands-on course for using Git in a team [FREE]

By Johannes Kettmann

You've been coding for a while now and feel somewhat comfortable with it. But when it comes to using Git you still fumble around. You know how to commit your code. Maybe you have worked with branches here and there. But for the most part, you've been working on the "master" branch on your own. And to be honest, you've been fine. At the same time, you know that you'll have to work with a team of developers eventually. You'll have to collaborate with other professionals on a common code-base. So there's the question: How do real dev teams in real companies use Git? You know there should be best practices and workflows. But the tutorials you find are just too basic or abstract. How are you supposed to learn the Git workflows of the pros?

7 Git tricks that changed my life

By Vivek Chauhan

Git is one of the most common version control systems available, and it’s used on private systems and publicly hosted websites for all kinds of development work. Regardless of how proficient with Git I become, it seems there are always features left to discover. Here are seven tricks that have changed the way I work with Git.

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