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JavaScript Newsletter: 24th November 2020

JavaScript Newsletter: 24th November 2020

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·Nov 24, 2020·

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Welcome to todays newsletter. Today we start with an article that was recently featured on Hashnode, and describes how to build a Markdown editor with React. Then we have a couple of great articles on some fundamental JavaScript concepts - object oriented programming and callback functions. Happy reading!

Quote of the Day

“An individual block of code takes moments to write, minutes or hours to debug, and can last forever without being touched again. It’s when you or someone else visits code written yesterday or ten years ago that having code written in a clear, consistent style becomes extremely useful. Understandable code frees mental bandwidth from having to puzzle out inconsistencies, making it easier to maintain and enhance projects of all sizes.” - Daniel Roy Greenfeld

Todays Articles

Lets Build Live Markdown Editor in 5 minutes with React JS

By Savio Martin

I am Savio Martin, A 13-year-old passionate Full Stack Web Developer from India. This is my second post on the Hash node. Today, I'm gonna make something super awesome and in-demand project In Just 5 Minutes.

Class, Prototype and OOP Concept Explained

By Jome Favourite

There are 4 different ways of storing data (properties) and functionalities (methods) together in one place which can be used multiple times as need. In this article, we'll go over the 4 different ways and get to a standard way at least for now to achieve the same goal.

Callback Functions in JavaScript : Beginners

By Rahul

In this latest post, we'll understand Callback function in JavaScript.

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